Awards and Nominations

Doug Young received a Recognition
Award from NatureScape of Broward County for efforts to launch cooperative programs with schools and parks in Broward County.

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SFAS Best Audubon Chapter in FL 

At the Florida Audubon Society's annual Audubon Assembly Eric Draper, Executive Director, and Jacqui Sulek, Chapter Coordinator, presented the 2010 Best Chapter Award to South Florida Audubon Society.  This award was "for phenomenal growth as conservation leaders in South Florida."


BIOS Awards are presented by the South Florida Audubon Society to South Florida citizens who exhibit extraordinary stewardship and communication for issues related to conservation, wildlife, and the environment.  2010 winners are:

Grant Campbell, Director Wildlife Policy and Conservation Chair

Aqua Save, distributor of FlushChoice, water conservation conversion kits

IslandSky, manufacturer of Skywater air-to-water machines which convert humidity in the air to water.

Broward County Emerald Awards

In April 2010 Broward County Commissioners honored Kelly Heffernan, an avian biologist who launched Project Perch with the assistance of the South Florida Audubon Society.


Heffernan received a Special Achievement recognition for her work with 20 Broward County schools in educating children about Burrowing Owls and ways to protect them.

Broward County Science Fair Awards

Five students received awards at the 2013 Broward County Science Fair.  Photos of four of the students with their presentations can be seen by clicking here.  Not shown is Jandy Joseph, New Renaissance Middle School who participated in the project: Warming Up Homes, One Heater at a time Using Solar.

Two award winners in the 2011 Broward County Science Fair presented their research to participants at the April meeting of the South Florida Audubon Society. 

Dylan Weitzman
2nd Place Senior Section
University School
Electromagnetic Oil Spill Clean-up

Amber VanHemel, 1st Place Junior Section, Lyons Creek Middle School, Sea Turtles: the Underlying Issues

Broward County Science Fair Awards

Students winning awards in the 2010 Broward County Science Fair  

Senior Section: 1st Place--Wendi Oppenheim, Pine Crest High School, "Bisphenol-A: A Dangerous Chemical with Multiple Modes of Action"; 
 2nd Place--Kali Rosendo, University High School "One Snake You Do Want in your House". 

Junior Section: 1st Place--Erin Yoo, Falcon Cove Middle School, "What is the Best Blade Angle for a Wind Turbine?"; 2nd Place Dominic Wojcik, Attucks Middle School, "Solar Still Survival."

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