Bird Projects

Project Perch -- Burrowing Owls

Coming soon webcam views!!!

Project Perch is creating a real life "hoot" in Broward County. Kelly Heffernan, an avian biologist, started Project Perch for the South Florida Audubon Society to protect and nurture Burrowing Owls as well as document changes in this bird population of special concern.  Project Perch has partnered with Brian Mealey, Executive Director of the Institute of Wildlife Sciences, NatureScape Broward, and the SPCA Wildlife Care Center.  

Twenty of Broward County schools have participated thus far in educating children and youth about ways to care for, protect and count the owls.  Activities have included making a wildlife journal, creating artificial burrows, providing perches, signs, stakes and rope, and learning how to become "Certified Burrow Caretakers".  

Credits: Owl photo by Andy Down  and  School photos by Bob Saley.

Project Eagle Watch

Broward County has Bald Eagles nesting in Pembroke Pines on Pine Boulevard near 209th Avenue.  Phil Martin has been photographing them regularly and shares this recent photo with us.  South Florida Audubon is raising money to install a video cam. 

Volunteers have been participating in a statewide Eagle Watching Project which monitors nesting and parenting. 

To see videoclips of the eagles and their offspring from previous years click here. 

To participate in a blog on Bald Eagles, click here .  For Bald Eagle Management Guidelines, click here.

For other websites featuring eagles go to,, index.htm, or .  . , or . 

Project Screech Owl

A new program under way is Project Perch's Rehabilitated Screech Owl's Soft Release Program.  Watch for details and photos in the future.
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