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You will find detailed information on birding field trips on the Events page
and brief mention of the dates and locations on Birding Broward and the Home Page.  We look forward to seeing you on the next Audubon adventure!

Birding Broward County

Looking for a local "do-it-yourself" birding adventure?  Broward County and the surrounding area host a wealth of opportunities for urban and backcountry birdwatching.  Broward County Audubon Society has its favorite birding hotspots.  After checking these out, if you need further information, send an email to the author, Paddy Cunningham Pascatore, birdpaddy@yahoo.com or visit her web site at http://www.birdadventure.com/.

Birding Florida

Florida is on the Atlantic Coast flyway for migrating birds going between the Artic and tropical environments.  Many migrants either cross the Gulf of Mexico on its western side or fly around it during migration. Because of its warm climate year round many birds are residents. Between the Everglades and the panhandle birds find a wide range of desirable habitats: salt marshes, sandy beaches, pinelands, sawgrass marsh, mangrove forests, hardwood hammocks, cypress swamps, and more.  Planning a Florida ecotourism adventure for your next vacation?  The Great Florida Birding Trail documents some of the best bird and wildlife watching in the state.   Stop first on this website at Birding Florida to see what special events are planned for this coming year.

Birding the USA

Before traveling to other states, check out sources of birding information in each state.  Read Birding the USA web page for ideas.

Birding the World

Looking for birds on your life list that are not residents or migrants in the USA, enter Birding the World web page to see a list of naturalist led international birding trips.

Birding the World

The distant relatives of many bird species seen in the USA can only be seen in zoos, aviaries, or exotic bird stores unless you travel to other countries.  Birders wanting to complete life lists which require seeing or hearing the bird in the wild, travel with naturalist-led groups to other countries.  Travel may be in the form of a vacation or as a volunteer to help restore natural ecosystems in a particular location. The trips vary in location, duration, and cost.

Naturalists associated with varied Audubon societies, The Nature Conservancy, Exploritas, and American Birding Association in the USA as well as ones working at nature centers in distant countries offer birding adventures in addition to traditional tour groups.  Here are a few websites and the geographical areas they cover.  After reviewing these, if you need to see still others, go to www.birding.com, WINGS Birding Tours Worldwide  or www.fieldguides.comClick here for the latest from Fieldguides Tours.March 3, 2014 Carefree Birding is aboard the Celebrity Equinox

See a preview of a special about the Birds of Paradise Project by Cornell Lab of Ornithology to be aired in the fall, 2014.  Birds of Paradise are found only in New Guinea.


The 7th Eilat Birds Festival is scheduled for the 13-20 March 2013.
Organized by the Israel Ornithological Center of the SPNI, the spring migration festival brings together birders from the world over for an unforgettable week during the peak of spring migration in southern Israel. Visitors are free to choose from several free guided daily tours to the best sites and enjoy an interesting evening program of lectures and presentations, in a casual pub like atmosphere.  For more information click here


Wildside Nature Tours (www.wildsidetoursinc.com) has scheduled several trips to Africa.  Their tours often have optional extensions.  Their website provides photos and qualifications of their tour leaders. 

Borderland Tours
www.borderland-tours.com) also includes birding tours in Africa.

(www.tambugasafaris.com/) is based in Kenya and offers several kinds of safari experiences: birding, photography, and wildlife.  They emphasize conservation and leaving the environment for future generations.


Borderland Tours (www.borderland-tours.com) has a number of birding experts for their trips to varied international locations.  They include a birding trip to Antartica.


King Bird Tours (www.kingbirdtours.com) has expertise on birds in Asia.  Their 2010 dates and itineraries as well as reports of past trips can be found at their website. 

Wildside Nature Tours
www.wildsidetoursinc.com) and
Borderland Tours (
www.borderland-tours.com) also have trips scheduled in Asia.


Here are a few of the groups specializing in bird watching trips in Australia or New Zealand: AWT Travel - Australia (www.birdwatch-australia.com.au), Nature Quest (www.naturequest.co.nz), and Coates Wildlife Tours (www.coateswildlifetours.com.au/
).  For others go to www.birding.com.

BirdHides are accommodations permitting visibility of lots of birds in Southern Australia.  Click here to check these out. To view a documentary "Call of the Coorong" illustrating birdlife in this area Click here.


Kaiyote Tours (www.kaiyotetours.com) includes bird watching trips in France, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

New Jersey Audubon Society (www.njaudubon.org/travel) has eco-tours to Britain.


Conservation Birding Tours (www.mbo.org/v2/web/default.aspx) combine birding with science based education and support of local conservation programs.

Protours Mexico (www.protoursMexico.com) invites birders to join their guides for trips to the Yucatan Penninsula in Mexico.

Borderland Tours (www.borderland-tours.com) out of Tucson, AZ has several birding trips to Mexico.


Birding in conjunction with Caribbean Cruises are being featured by Carefree Birding (www.carefreebirding.com).  Birding hotspots are featured in Belize, Costa Rica, and Panama when the cruise stops in these countries. 

Birding Life Tours (www.birdinglifetours.com) offers trips to Latin and South America.  They purchase one acre of rainforest for conservation purposes with each tour and provide photographic journals of the trip. 

Latin American Adventures offers eco-tours of Panama, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.

Bird Adventure 
offers trips to Panama with Paddy Cunningham Pascatore. 

Adventuras Naturales (www.adventurasnaturales.org) offers birding trips in Costa Rica and Nicaraugua.

Wildside Nature Tours (www.wildsidetoursinc.com) and Borderland tours (www.borderland-tours.com) also have trips scheduled to Central America.

Caravan Tours (www.caravantours.com) includes in its ten-day tour of Costa Rica trips to cloud forests and rain forests, seashores and mountains, as well as boating in wildlife refuges with guides trained in the nature and culture of Costa Rica.


Birding in Argentina -- Southern Cross Patagonia includes expert ornithologists as guides.  To see schedules and itinerary click here (www.southern-cross-patagonia.com).

Birding in Brazil  -- for schedules and cost contact www.adventurasnaturales.org.

Birding in Peru -- contact The Tamandua Expeditions Team at www.tamanduajungle.com for schedules and cost.

Birding in Ecuador -- To participate in citizen science while on a birding trip to Ecuador, check out Life Net (www.lifenetnature.org) a non-profit environmental organization founded by zoologist Dr. Tony Povillitis and others in the 1990s.  Today the principal avian research scientist is Dr. Dusti Becker.  Dr. Becker has worked with Earthwatch and Life Net to train many groups in the basics of field research and tropical ecology.

Birding in varied South American settings -- Eco-lodge San-Jorge and Botanical Reserves offer varied birding tours to Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru.  (www.ecoodgesanjorge.com/

Another group with a wide selection of South American birding trips is Kolibrie Expeditions (
www.kolibriexpeditions.com).  Click here for Birding Peru News.

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