Birds Talking
Birds talk for many reasons. They talk about their location, food, and predators.  They let other birds in their group know their locations after getting separated during foraging or sleeping in distant locations for the night.  They share information on where to find food for the day or season.  They warn of predators and rally the flock to the defense of a likely victim.  Male birds sing to woo a mate, mark their territory, and celebrate new life with song.  The parent birds (who hang around long enough for fledglings to try out their wings and hunting skills) bid the fledglings farewell with songs or last minute tips for a good life.

Birds and humans communicate too in varied ways.  Click here to read about the relationship between Freedom, an injured eagle, and Jeff as he dealt with cancer.

Ferruginous Hawk and Golden Eagle photos by Marcia Specht


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