Global climate change is the result of worldwide temperature increases and changes in precipitation patterns over the 20th century.  The scientific community strongly agrees that the increased emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases is contributing to higher temperatures and the risk of extreme weather events.

Carbon dioxide is released by industrial processes and fossil fuel emissions (such as vehicle exhaust).  Trees are a natural air cleaner, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere.  Around the world trees are being cleared for development and farming.  This deforestation means that these harmful gases are not being filtered, further contributing to global warming trends.

Global warming is of special concern to South Florida.  Most of the state is low lying and susceptible to rising sea levels and increasing tropical storm activity.  South Florida must play a leadership role in our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to set an example for the rest of the country and the world.

To become better informed on this subject, read books such as Earth Under Fire: How Global Warming is Changing the World written by Gary Braasch.  For middle school age youth read How we Know What we Know about our Changing Climate: Scientists and Kids Explore Global Warming.   Also visit Broward County's website for local information on global warming and local action (

Climate Change News

Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, launched the first-ever coordinated strategy to address current and future impacts of climate change on America's land, water, ocean, fish, wildlife, and cultural resources.

Green Energy Videos

Doug Young, President, South Florida Audubon discusses green energy on four videos.  Click here to view. 

2009 Second Warmest Year

Click here to see an analysis of temperature changes over time.

Climate Change & Water Utilities

EPA has released for external review a document describing four case studies of water utility practices regarding climate change vulnerability.  
Click here to see the report.

Help or Harm?

Windmills have been promoted as an earth-friendly method
for helping move us towards energy independence. 
These have been installed at a variety of locations and more are envisioned.  There are potential problems with them. 
Gear oil failures can produce fires and smoke

Unsuccessful attempts have been made thus far to solve the problem. 
Dow-Corning is working on the problem now under a government grant. 

Seeds for Haiti

Haiti has been struck by several weather disasters in the past year.  Because of collaboration among farmers in the mid-west, organizations in Florida and in Haiti, one million assorted vegetable seeds are on the way to Haiti.  There they will be distributed to farmers and villages for use in developing community gardens.  Click here to see photos and further details.


  • Promote local, state and federal action to set specific greenhouse gas emission reduction goals and targets
  • Pass federal laws to cap and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to levels that stabilize the climate and avoid the most severe impacts of global warming
  • Promote the adoption of state and federal policy and mechanisms to achieve clean alternative energy generation and fuel production, and reduce vehicle and transportation related greenhouse gas emissions
  • Promote conservation, energy efficiency, green building standards, compact development and other energy efficiency technologies, programs and policies
  • Implement a renewable portfolio standard so that electric power utilities can harness sustainable solar, biomass and other energy generation technologies
  • Influence and support the adoption of strong vehicle emissions standards in Florida to significantly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from this sector
  • Identify, influence and support other opportunities--such as a state and/or regional cap and trade system--in order to accelerate Florida's transition to a clean energy economy and for rapid reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Promote ecologically sound adaptation to global warming including: Oppose transportation projects such as new roads that increase Florida's dependence on single passenger vehicles and support alternative transportation strategies
  • Identify strategies to minimize risks posed by rising sea levels and other global warming effects
  • Analyze and identify opportunities emerging from the Governor's Action Team; block ecologically harmful and expensive adaptation strategies; and influence, support and propose ecologically sound adaptation strategies
  • Oppose beach armoring, sea walls and other practices that marginalize coastal bird habitat.
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Support alternative energy.  Much of our electricity comes from coal-burning power plants, a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions.  The Florida Power and Light Sunshine Energy program is one example of a corporate initiative to promote cleaner electricity generation as well as the development of new renewable sources of electricity.

Replace old appliances with energy efficient ones.  According to ENERGY STAR, Americans with the help of ENERGY STAR products, saved enough energy in 2005 alone to avoid greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those from 23 million cars and saved $12 billion on their utility bills.

Perform as many errands as possible in one trip.  Instead of making many small trips, plan your schedule and route to complete several errands at once.  You'll save money on fuel consumption and reduce exhaust emissions.

Change your habits.  Little things mean a lot.  Turning off lights and using timers, using long-lasting compact florescent light bulbs, taking shorter showers and other energy conserving measures have a big impact when repeated over time and across communities.

Take global climate change seriously.  It is a real issue.  Make a real difference today and leave a lasting legacy.

Join Audubon if you have not already done so.

Talk to friends and neighbors about the importance of conserving energy and reducing vehicular emissions.

Lend your voice to those of other members and communicate with congressional leaders about the importance of doing all we can to reduce greenhouse gases. 

Stay up to date on environmental issues by signing up for Action Alerts (

Fort Lauderdale Green Committee

Members of the Fort Lauderdale Commission approved the creation of a Citizen's Sustainability "Green" Committee. The mission of this committee is "to identify and recommend affordable strategies associated with conservation, renewable energy, and energy efficiency to establish the City of Fort Lauderdale as a leader in environmental sustainability."  The committee will include environmental professionals, advocates and activists as appointed by the Commission.  For application to be appointed go to
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