Birding Field Trips

You will find detailed information on birding field trips on the Events page
and brief mention of the dates and locations on Birding Broward and the Home Page.  We look forward to seeing you on the next Audubon adventure!

Birding Broward County

Looking for a local "do-it-yourself" birding adventure?  Broward County and the surrounding area host a wealth of opportunities for urban and backcountry birdwatching.  Broward County Audubon Society has its favorite birding hotspots.  After checking these out, if you need further information, send an email to the author, Paddy Cunningham Pascatore, birdpaddy@yahoo.com or visit her web site at http://www.birdadventure.com/.

Birding Florida

Florida is on the Atlantic Coast flyway for migrating birds going between the Artic and tropical environments.  Many migrants either cross the Gulf of Mexico on its western side or fly around it during migration. Because of its warm climate year round many birds are residents. Between the Everglades and the panhandle birds find a wide range of desirable habitats: salt marshes, sandy beaches, pinelands, sawgrass marsh, mangrove forests, hardwood hammocks, cypress swamps, and more.  Planning a Florida ecotourism adventure for your next vacation?  The Great Florida Birding Trail documents some of the best bird and wildlife watching in the state.   Stop first on this website at Birding Florida to see what special events are planned for this coming year.

Birding the USA

Before traveling to other states, check out sources of birding information in each state.  Read Birding the USA web page for ideas.

Birding the World

Looking for birds on your life list that are not residents or migrants in the USA, enter Birding the World web page to see a list of naturalist led international birding trips.

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South Florida Audubon Society is unable to care for injured wildlife.  If you find wild animals or birds in need of care, please contact one of the organizations below.  Please remember that many apparently injured or helpless wild animals actually do not need to be removed from the wild for treatment.  This is especially true in the case of baby birds.   Before removing an animal from the wild, contact a wildlife rehabilitator as they may be able to help you assess whether the animal is actually in need of assistance.  Never keep a wild animal as a pet or attempt to treat its injuries yourself.

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