South Florida Audubon Society

​December 19, 2015

More then 20 birders spread across the county to find as many species as possible and to count each bird seen, even the European Starlings and Pigeons. It was a clear day so the chances were good for finding birds. Highlights of this count include the finding of 127 species and the adding of a new bird Black bellied Whistling Duck, 12 species of warblers, and a rare wintering Summer Tanager on the Pine Island Ridge.

Territory Leaders included John Hutchinson, Gloria Cashin, Fred Griffin, Paddy Cunningham, Steve Kapland, Alison Scheflow-volunteer coordinator and Bryant Robert-compiler. A new leader was James Pascatore. 

View a complete list of the 2015 Broward CBC.

December 20, 2014

We spotted 10,626 countable individual birds which represented 124 different species.  We also spotted 252 non-countable individual birds, which represented 22 total species.  Of the non-countable birds, most were parrots.  The second highest number of non-countable birds were in the DUCKS, GEESE, AND WATERFOWL category.  For more detailed information, download our complete list of countable birds

Last year we counted 104 different species in our Fort Lauderdale CBC.  Our "Circle" has it's center at Sunrise Boulevard and Sunshine State Parkway (The Turnpike).    Please note that not all of Broward County is "covered" by our circle, so those volunteering from outside of the circle will be assigned to a group most near the volunteer's residence. The CBC has occurred nationwide since 1900, and is a tool National Audubon uses to see the trends in bird populations, and recently to learn more about the effects of Climate Change.

December 16, 2017

Join amateur scientists all over the country for this important scientific annual bird count. Teams form throughout the county to count the birds in Broward County. Meet for dinner at the end of the day to find out bird species found and which group found them. Contact Alison at or 954-662-6155; please include your birding experience and familiarity with a particular area of the county. Dawn to dusk; rain or shine; traveling on foot and in cars.

If you are interested in counting the birds in your backyard, please send the location, times, species and number of birds you counted to by 5:00 pm on December 16, to be included in the tally reported to the National Audubon Society.

The Christmas Bird Count is the largest citizen science event in the country.  The data collected provides much needed information about endangered species, movement of birds and possible global warming changes.  

photo credit: Christine Myers

For information about the Christmas Bird Count, contact