Interested in supporting Project Perch?

The following items are needed for current projects.  All donations are welcome and tax deductible.

6” PVC Pipe (Recycled is fine just no gray or purple pipe)
1” PVC Pipe
¾” PVC Pipe
¾” and 1” PVC Pipe Tees and Elbows
Sprinkler, Industrial Control Valve & Electrical Boxes (Damaged or used is fine)
3/8” Yellow Braided Nylon Rope
Hardware Mesh Cloth
Wood – Cedar & Marine Plywood for Bird Boxes
PT Wood – 2”X2”x8’ Posts, 4”x4”x8’ Posts, 1”x8”x8’
3/8" Rebar - 2' or longer
Tools - Shovels, Rakes, Spud Bars, Hoes, Shears
Cordless Weed and Grass Trimmers
Sugar Sand
Pet Carriers for Injured & Rehabilitated Animals
Burrow Scope

​$$$ – Each burrow costs $25 in materials and supplies.

Are you handy?

We always need bird boxes.

Download a flyer of this information.

Support our current fundraiser by purchasing shirts, totes, or water bottles featuring this watercolor of an Ernest Leupin photograph by Claudia Hafner.

Download a flyer.

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