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preserving paradise From sawgrass to seagrass

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Mission Statement

The mission of the South Florida Audubon Society is to conserve and restore South Florida’s ecosystems, with a particular focus on birds and their habitats, through advocacy, education, and community engagement.

Vision Statement

Our vision is a South Florida where birds and other wildlife thrive in healthy and diverse ecosystems and where people are inspired to appreciate and protect the natural world. We strive for a future where the communities of South Florida are engaged in conservation efforts and where policymakers prioritize the protection of natural resources for the benefit of all.

Statement of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

South Florida Audubon Society is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion. We believe that everyone, regardless of their background, should have the opportunity to engage in and benefit from our conservation efforts. We actively promote diversity in our membership, leadership, and programs to ensure a more inclusive and equitable approach to protecting our natural world.

Conservation Focused Advocacy & Education

The South Florida Audubon Society is a volunteer-driven nonprofit that utilizes our resources to promote local conservation and educational endeavors. We have deep roots in the community, and our many longstanding corporate and organizational sponsors support our efforts.

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Emergency Contacts


To reduce the number of non-native bird species being released into the wild, South Florida Audubon Society will work with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Exotic Pet Amnesty Program.
To surrender your bird please call Exotic Species Hotline at 1-888-Ive-Got1 (483-4681). If you need assistance contact us.

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South Florida Audubon Society recommends South Florida Wildlife Rehab Centers.

For questions about injured or orphaned wildlife, South Florida Wildlife Rehab Centers at 954-524-4302

If you need assistance contact us.

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Sawgrass Nature Center & Wildlife Hospital

For injured birds or wildlife contact

Sawgrass Nature Center & Wildlife Hospital

3000 Sportsplex Dr. Coral Springs, FL 33065

954-752-WILD (9543)

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Protecting Florida's Burrowing Owls - Project Perch

In the heart of Broward County, a unique conservation effort is making waves—or should we say, “hoots”? Introducing Project Perch, a vital initiative spearheaded in 2008 by avian biologist Kelly Heffernan and the South Florida Audubon Society

Our Mission: Project Perch is dedicated to safeguarding the charming and crucial Florida burrowing owls. These owls not only face threats from habitat loss but also from rapid urban development. Our mission is to ensure their protection and to nurture their populations across Florida.


Project Perch