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Archive Information -SFAS Website – 2019-2024

68th Year – (2024)

Thanks to the awarding of a grant from the Community Foundation of Broward, Center for Nonprofit Excellence, we have a new logo and totally new and revamped Website.

67th Year – (2023)

SFAS was very active with volunteers leading the way with our key conservation activities: planting thousands of sea oats and other ocean resistant / diversity plants on Broward County beaches for our coastal dune restoration projects, up to 50 permitted sea turtle hatchling volunteers aided disoriented hatchling to the ocean shoreline during the sea turtle nesting season – March to October on Broward County beaches, more weeding, mulching and native plantings at M.E. DePalma Park, Wilton Manors, Florida with volunteers helping at our ‘Plants for Birds’ demonstration bird sanctuary / butterfly garden and Tropical Fruit Tree planting at a school in Pembroke Pines.

66th Year – (2022)

As the Coronavirus Pandemic was greatly reduced due to vaccinations readily available ONGOING activities / programs / projects began to resume:  ‘Plants for Birds’ program at M.E. DePalma Park, Wilton Manors, Florida continued with the help of community and student volunteers helping with the management and maintenance of the Butterfly Garden / Bird Sanctuary: weeding, mulching and addition of 100s of native plants, Eaglewatch of two Bald Eagle nests in Broward County started up again. In addition, Coastal Dune Restoration projects on Pompano Beach utilizing student and corporate volunteers saw thousands of sea oats and diversity plants planted including outreach / education to participants. Thousands of disoriented sea turtle hatchling were rescued by our permitted volunteers.

65th Year (2021)

The following ONGOING activities / programs / projects have been delayed in 2021 due to the continuation of the Coronavirus Pandemic: project estimates for the construction of a viewing tower adjacent to the urban conservation easement at Port Everglades as well as fundraising for the viewing tower, sea turtle hatchling rescue volunteering has been drastically restricted for the sea turtle nesting season due to very strict enforcement which does not allow people on the Broward County beaches, coastal dune restoration projects postponed and outreach / education to schools, community groups and business leaders indefinitely postponed.

64th Year (2020)

The following ONGOING activitiies / programs / projects have been delayed in 2020 due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Broward County, Florida, has transferred ownership of approximately 60 acres of wetlands habitat at Port Everglades, including a successful 16.5-acre Wetland Enhancement project, to the State of Florida for its permanent protection as a conservation area. In addition, the State signed a memorandum of understanding with the South Florida Audubon Society to manage the conservation area. The land transfer completes a critical component of the Port Everglades Southport Turning Notch Extension project that will increase berth space for cargo ships at the berth-constrained seaport. SFAS with funding from FPL (Florida Power and Light) has developed a proposal for a viewing area adjacent to the urban conservation easement at Port Everglades so that small groups of students can be brought on-site for outreach / education. LONG TERM – fundraising for development of the viewing area requires at least 3-5 years.

63rd Year (2019)

We engaged with the public in the following ways: guided local bird walks, birding tours to other states and countries, presentations to student and adult groups, citizen science: bird counts and sea turtle hatchling rescue, volunteer events: beach clean-ups, invasive plant removal and sea turtle hatchling rescue and coastal dune restoration. Additional activities included: ‘Plants-for Birds’ projects and outreach, advocacy with local and regional government, injured bird and animal rescue and Tropical Fruit Tree planting.

62nd Year (2018)

It was another great year which included conservation projects involving sea turtles, burrowing owls, coastal dune restoration, bird walks, and educational outreach.

Zachary Lee becomes the youngest President at age 19 years old.

61st Year (2017)

This year we were able to help save a local burrowing owl population by trans-locating them from the Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport to a preserve in Davie. This very successful project was due to a partnership between the Airport staff, SFWC, the Town of Davie, and SFAS’ Project Perch volunteers. SFAS volunteers continued to help the disorientated sea turtle hatchlings throughout the county. Recent coastal dune restoration projects were shown to have truly helped keep our beaches intact after Hurricane Irma devasted South Florida in September.

60th Anniversary (2016)

Our more recent accomplishments include partnering with other organizations on conservation projects which include: Project Perch, sea turtle hatchling rescue, coastal dune restoration, educational bird walks, outreach to schools and the community, coral reef initiative, climate change and sea-level rise education, and everglades restoration.

58th Anniversary (2014)

January 11, 2014, marked the 58th year of service for the Broward County Audubon Society dba the South Florida Audubon Society. Our more recent accomplishments include partnering with other organizations on conservation projects which include: urban reforestation, invasive exotic plant and tree removal, hosting edible gardening workshops, planting edible gardens, increased education and outreach to schools and the community, participation in the Audubon Urban Oases for Migrating Songbirds Program, sea turtle hatchling rescue and international projects in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

54th Anniversary (2010)

At the Florida Audubon Society’s annual Audubon Assembly, Eric Draper, Executive Director, and Jacqui Sulek, Chapter Coordinator, presented the 2010 Best Chapter Award to the South Florida Audubon Society. This award was “for phenomenal growth as conservation leaders in South Florida.”SFAS Best Audubon Chapter in Florida

BIOS Awards are presented by the South Florida Audubon Society to South Florida citizens who exhibit extraordinary stewardship and communication for issues related to conservation, wildlife, and the environment.

2010 winners were

  • Grant Campbell, Director of Wildlife Policy and Conservation Chair
  • Aqua Save, distributor of FlushChoice, water conservation conversion kits
  • Island-Sky, manufacturer of Skywater air-to-water machines which convert humidity in the air to water.

8th Anniversary (1964)

Feb. 16, 1964, The Broward County Audubon Society worked with the City Council of Wilton Manors to declare that the city is designated as a “Bird Sanctuary” as stated in Resolution no. 252.