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Dune Restoration and Community Engagement in South Florida

South Florida faces an imminent challenge with the escalating threat of rising sea levels. At the forefront of combating this environmental menace, the South Florida Audubon Society and dedicated community partners have taken a decisive step through the Dune Restoration Projects to fortify a vulnerable stretch of our coastline.

About South Florida Audubon Society

Established on January 11, 1956, and serving as a beacon of conservation, the South Florida Audubon Society is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization rooted in Broward County, Florida. Our mission extends beyond the enjoyment of the natural world, addressing critical environmental issues like beach erosion and habitat loss due to storms and rising sea levels. These environmental challenges threaten our cherished coastal ecosystem and the well-being of thousands who flock to our shores annually.

Our Response to Coastal Erosion

In an ambitious response to the eroding beaches, the South Florida Audubon Society and passionate student and adult volunteers have embarked on a mission to plant sea oats and other native dune flora. Our efforts aim to restore and safeguard the native habitat vital for nesting sea turtles, shorebirds, and migratory birds. As these plants mature, they play a crucial role in reconstructing the precious sand dunes, which are the first line of defense against the encroaching sea.

Community Collaboration

The restoration project is a testament to the power of community collaboration. Esteemed partners, including Lee Gottlieb, a renowned Habitat Restoration Consultant and Founder of Adopt a Dune, have been instrumental in this endeavor. Their expertise, combined with the unwavering support of the South Florida Audubon Society, has been pivotal in advancing our coastal restoration efforts. Together, we are nurturing an environment that fosters a sense of achievement, encourages environmental stewardship, and emphasizes the critical role of native dunes in coastal resilience. Our united efforts are shaping a sustainable future for our coastline, demonstrating the profound impact of collective action in environmental conservation.

Restoration and Preservation of Coastal Dunes

With 21.3 miles of Broward County’s coastline classified as critically eroded, our mission is more urgent than ever. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection underscores the necessity of dune restoration as an integral component of coastal preservation. Through the Adopt-A-Dune program, we are galvanizing community forces to establish a continuous dune system populated with native vegetation, providing a natural bulwark against the threats of nature and human activity.

Join Us in Our Mission

Your involvement can make a significant difference as South Florida stands at the frontline against rising seas. Whether as a volunteer, donor, or advocate, your participation in the South Florida Audubon Society’s efforts is invaluable. Together, we can protect our coastline, preserve our natural heritage, and foster a resilient community for generations to come.

Contact and Participate

Learn more about our initiatives, upcoming events, and how you can contribute to the South Florida Audubon Society’s dune restoration efforts. Join us in our journey to safeguard South Florida’s coastline, our living shoreline, one dune at a time.


SFAS is one of the original Adopt-A-Dune Affiliate Partners.

Go to the South Florida Audubon Society page on the Adopt-A-Dune Website and learn how you can Adopt-A_Dune:

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