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As a resident of South Florida for over 50 years, Lee began his professional career with the Florida Department of Environmental Regulation. Over the past 16 years, he has developed and implemented over 150 eco-action programs, engaging thousands of students and adult volunteers. With this volunteer-based model, he has worked to restore crucial coastal habitats in the tri-county area.

During this time, he has forged relationships with many Fortune 500 companies, developing new “Green Team Building” opportunities that provide a venue for corporations to fulfill their community “give back mission statements”.

In 2020, during the COVID outbreak, he created Adopt a Dune with a team of marketing experts. The Adopt a Dune volunteer-based service model believes in engaging the community through outreach and education. The opportunity to be part of the solution will create an environment where a sense of ownership enhances the goal of successfully protecting our shoreline. The goal is to create a 100% continuous dune with native vegetation on the beaches in Florida.