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Christine, originally from North Carolina, has a lifelong passion for nature and wildlife, sparked by childhood readings of Ranger Rick magazine. Her journey took her from studying bluebird boxes in Pennsylvania with her grandmother to observing wildlife globally, including Costa Rica’s howler monkeys and Bonaire’s donkeys. A math teacher by profession, she integrates environmental education into her curriculum, developing projects highlighting global animal populations.

In 2013, Christine’s love for the ocean and scuba diving led her to South Florida, where she actively engages in marine conservation. She’s particularly drawn to sea turtles, captivated by the Green Sea Turtle in Maui. Her commitment to wildlife led her to join the SFAS hatchling rescue program and serve as a webmaster/editor, roles she previously embraced in North Carolina.

Christine’s interests extend beyond marine life to South Florida’s terrestrial fauna, participating in projects like the Burrowing Owl conservation through Project Perch. Her conversations with SFAS volunteers reinforced her belief in holistic conservation efforts that safeguard all wildlife and their habitats.

With a career in education, Christine has honed her leadership skills, from supervising faculty to managing significant projects. Her methodical, people-oriented approach fosters collaboration toward shared goals. Living by Coach Pat Riley’s motto, Christine embodies the pursuit of excellence through continual improvement, applying this ethos to her professional life and her dedication to conservation.